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The first vivid memory of my childhood was the day I took the training wheels off my bike and learned to ride.  My world went from a couple houses in either direction to as far as my legs would carry me instantly!  Ever since that day bicycles have remained a huge part of my life.  Racing bmx bikes with my friends in the suburbs of Chicago took all of my childhood summers and weekends.  When I got older and moved to the city like most young adults do, I still looked for every opportunity to get out of town and explore the wilderness on a mountain bike.  At the tender age of 30, I moved to the southwest and cycling became an all-consuming hobby.  I made many friends in the industry and began to ponder how I could take my passion for cycling and make a living doing it.  15 years later O’Neil Custom Cycles was born!

My vision for O’Neil Custom Cycles is to be able to provide substantial cost savings to my customers due to my low overhead, and still service the cycling community.  You will see us sponsoring local races and charity events as well as seeing us on the roads and trails of the southwest on group rides and trail maintenance excursions.  We will offer the highest quality brands of bicycles, components, and gear.  Feel free to drop me an email or give me a call with suggestions, to see if I can get something that is not listed on the site, or just to talk cycling!

I look forward to hearing from you and becoming your main source for your cycling needs,

Art O’Neil

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