Yelo Velo Wholesome Degreaser

Yelo Velo Wholesome Degreaser
Brand: Yelo Velo
Product Code: Yelo Velo Wholesome Degreaser
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No longer will you need to work with toxic bike cleaner fumes and, there are no hazardous volatile organic compounds (VOC's)! Other cleaners who claim to be 'green' or biodegradable, are not 100% non-toxic.  'Wholesome Degreaser' base product can break the hydrocarbon chain at room temperature. (petroleum derivatives, fats, oils, greases, lipids, proteins and sugars) It's called colloidal chemistry, which has a profound effect in breaking down and rendering harmless petroleum, fats, oils and greases.  Our Yelo Velo Bio-Solvent product does not permeate though the user's skin into the blood.

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